Jamie kneeling down with a camera in his hands while sticking his tongue out.

Jamie Michael Korn

Film Maker (The Sense of an Ending 2014, Vessel 2016 & Grief Floats (2023)

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A headshot of Joanne. She is wearing smile on her face, colourful beads on her neck and a hat on her head.

Joanne Bernard

Rehearsal Director (Grief Floats 2023)

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Beccy Owen performing on stage. She is playing a keyboard, singing into a microphone. Behind her is a lamp that is turned on.

Beccy Owen

Sound Designer & Composer - Grief Floats (2023)

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Black and white portrait of Phillip Brown sat on a stool. One leg is bent underneath him with the other crossed on top of it. He's holding his body with his arms.

Phillip Brown

Costume Designer - Grief Floats (2023)

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Al Orange smiling at the camera. She has a mohawk, and is holding a big bag of oranges up to her chest. She is in a room with a chandelier and a framed piece of artwork behind her.

Al Orange

SD (The Sense of an Ending 2014) LD (Crackle. Dust. 2019)

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Caro C performing on stage. She is singing into a microphone she’s holding in her right hand. She is lit with a yellow light and is stood in front of a screen with a metre projected onto it, a neon light and a stage curtain.

Caro C

Sound Designer & Composer (Crackle. Dust. 2019)

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Headshot of Lily Einhorn smiling, stood in front of a white wall. She has a brunette bob haircut with a fringe, and is wearing glasses, a necklace and a sleeveless top.

Lily Einhorn

Creative Producer

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Jem Clancy dancing on stage. Her arm is up high behind her. She is lit by purple, pink and blue lighting.

Jem Clancy

Illustrator (Dance in an Envelope 2020)

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Megan Brown outside, stood in front of streetart by artist Kuba, depicting Gene Kelly dancing in Singing in the Rain. She is smiling and tucking her hands into her pockets.

Megan Brown


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Nicolai Hart-Handsen leaning on a stair railing. Behind him is theatre technical equipment. He is wearing big, thick rimmed glasses and has a short beard.

Nicolai Hart-Hansen

Costume & Set Designer (Crackle. Dust. 2019)

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