Company of Others

Company of Others is a dance theatre company based in the North East of England, led by Artistic Director and Choreographer Nadia Iftkhar.

We collaborate with people who have experience of being ‘othered’ by the society we live in, to co-create dance theatre experiences which highlight and share stories of the human experience through their lens. Our values are Artistry, Diversity and Integrity.

Artistry, Diversity & Integrity are our values.

Nadia Iftkhar dancing with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder with her arms in the air. Her left arm is stretched out to the side and her right arm is bent, with her hand level with her face.

Nadia Iftkhar

Artistic Director & CEO

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Pippa Howie facing left on a rainy street with an umbrella over her head. She is reading a flyer and wearing a green coat.

Pippa Howie

General Manager

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Esther O’Mara facing right during a pride festival. Behind her head is a Non Binary Leeds sign.

Esther O'Mara

Company Assistant

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