Company of Others becomes a Charity

We’re delighted to share some good news during such a challenging time for all of us.
This month Company of Others became a Charity, which will change so much for us, but in many ways its business as usual. We’ll keep making the same community rooted work that we’re known for, but becoming a charity makes it easier for us to raise funds for that work and ensures we are accountable for our actions.

A note from our Chair, Dr Karen Parry…
‘Becoming a charity for Company of Others, is an important step in increasing the capacity of the organisation to dance and collaborate with even more people, as well as giving us a stronger foundation from which to influence social change within the arts and wider contexts.
It is more important now than ever that organisations like ours are strong and active in working for social justice and building a society where all voices are heard and valued.’

Thank you to everyone who contributed to us reaching this milestone.

If you’d like to support the work of Company of Others, you can do so by becoming a Patron from as little as £1 per month.
Patrons are important members of the Company of Others family and provide a bedrock of stability during turbulent times.
Find out more here: Company of Others on Patreon