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Company of Others was founded in 2016 to be a safe and courageous artistic space for people who are othered, and we’re building a movement of people who can change that. 

We are based in Walker, Newcastle. The ONS would say that 73.1% of the area live in poverty, but we say it is our home. We haven’t moved to Walker, it’s where we grew up and it’s where we run free-to-access movement programmes now for all ages. From the children in Walker Youth Dance Project to our elders group Ensemble we work with 900 people per year and we are using movement to build the capacity of our community to have agency, deliver change, and improve their mental health.

Four walker youth dance project participants. They are facing away from the camera, pointing at their shirts that read 'Walker Youth Dance Project' on the back.

We want everyone to move with us, but we know that Dance as an art form has historically excluded a lot of Global Majority people, especially in The North. This is why we run a raft of artist development programmes including small bursaries and residencies to ensure everyone can choose the career they want.

Working with our community, and the artist groups we have supported, we co-create huge national productions. They are sometimes on stages, and they are sometimes in very cold seas (Grief Floats, 2023). These provide the first large scale credits for some artists, they show the phenomenal creativity in Walker to the world, and they are now redefining what is possible in an art form.

But, we are not just an organisation. We are a movement formed of real people, and it is only with these people that we are able to make this change. Movements need lots of different roles to be successful – some people are participants in our programme, some people advocate for us, and some people join the movement through donating.


Become a supporter – make a donation.

We’re a tiny charity that punches way above our weight and we work hard to make sure  all of our work is either free, or pay as you feel for anyone who wants to experience dance. You can help us maintain that commitment by making a regular or one-off donation.

All of our supporters will receive a bi-monthly newsletter and be invited to specific events.

If you would like to donate regularly through our Patreon Scheme you can do so here: Become a Patron


Become a Change Agent – Give through your company.

We know there are companies and organisations out there that share our values and our belief in Walker, and Newcastle. We build groups of change agents around certain projects.

Currently we’re looking for a group of change agents to support Walker Youth Dance Festival, our annual community festival which celebrates the achievements of our young dancers throughout the year.

Please get in touch with for more information.

Become a movement leader – make a large donation

Those people that are able to donate over £1,000 are welcome into our movement leaders circle. A small group of significant supporters managed by our Artistic Director. Our movement leaders often support us to shape our activity and reach out to new networks too.

Please get in touch with for support with a larger donation.

Become an advocate – tell people about our work.

An important part of our work is growing our movement, and we don’t need donations to do this. Sign up to our mailing list and follow our socials to keep up-to-date with all of our work, and spread the word about what we’re doing.


However people contribute to our movement, we know it’s important to say thank you.


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