Vanessa Montesi

Vanessa is an independent academic researcher and project delivery coordinator at upReach, a social-mobility charity supporting undergraduate students from lower socio-economic background access and sustain top graduate jobs. Her keen interest in languages and cultures led her to live and work as language teacher, research assistant, and community engagement coordinator in Italy, Russia, Portugal, and Canada before moving to Newcastle. She is the author of Theatrical Dance as a Form of Intermedial Translation: Moving Across Page, Stage, Canvas (Leuven University Press, forthcoming), a book that earned her an honorary mention from the Lisbon Museum of Theatre and Dance. She finds joy in friendship, dancing, reading, cooking, daydreaming, and spending time with her dog and niece. She is absolutely thrilled to be part of Company of Others, as the organization brilliantly champions her shared values of creativity, equity, and solidarity while also creating daring dance productions.