Katie Bates

Katie joined Company of Others in January 2023. She has a varied background in management, with experience in managing music events, cultural organisations, and charities. Her skills and experience have a focus in strategic development, fundraising, and operational management and she is passionate about using this knowledge to support organisations that benefit local communities.

Since managing an accessibility improvement project early in 2020, Katie has developed a strong interest in inclusive practices and accessibility. She’s integrated this into her work, helping to increase accessibility and ensuring opportunities are available for all in every organisation she works in.

Katie worked hard to support a local music venue through closure periods brought on by Covid-19 by securing funding from numerous grants. From there she developed her fundraising knowledge and experience, moving to a charitable organisation where she managed grants, campaigns, corporate support, and community fundraising.

Outside of work, Katie likes spend time on walks enjoying nature, taking photos, enjoying films & books, and playing the piano. She’s currently working on her swimming with the hope of joining a cold-water swimming group later this year.