Jenna Anne Nathan

Growth and learning is at the centre of Jenna Anne’s personal philosophy and this extends into her art. She is a multidisciplinary artist; dancing, poetry (spoken), painting, modelling and photography are some of the mediums she enjoys weaving together in order to explore and record her experiences.
Jenna immensely enjoys collaborative creative processes and has had the privilege of performing with dance companies such as Company of Others, Chhaya Collective, Coalesce Dance Theatre and A Truefitt Collective.
She has also worked with various other music and visual artists such as Hope Tala (music) Vaughan (music) Joachim Damus (photographer and film maker) Maria Popova (choreographer), Imogen Mansfield (photographer) Gaby Conn (photographer and journalist).
Fundamentally she believes dance is a powerful tool for personal growth, health and wellbeing. Jenna lives to see dance bring people together and people closer to themselves.
Joining Company of Other’s she is excited to see the depth of value that dance can bring to others, and more specifically, The Othered.
Jenna works at Company of Others 3 days a week across our artistic programmes which includes Walker Youth Dance Project, Company of Others Ensemble and our productions.


Grief Floats rehearsals captured by Luke Waddington