Payal Ramchandani

Payal is a dance artist and choreographer, based in the North-East of England.
She has trained rigorously in India in the South Indian classical dance style of Kuchipudi, from the best in the field and has been on a journey to spread the art far and wide for almost 2 decades. She is amongst a handful of dancers practising this form in the UK.

She has evolved her own unique vocabulary, evident in her choreographies. She now leverages her traditional repertoire and form, to voice issues that need to be discussed, not covertly but overtly. Some of Payal’s recent works include Just enough madness, The Forest dream, Once in a blue moon, Of Love and Lament.

Working with different artistic disciplines and forms is at the core of Payal’s work and she strongly believes in collaborating with different artists to not only facilitate a diverse creative exchange but also encourage wider participation and engagement.


Image Credit: Nick Singleton