Hilary Knight

Hilary is currently Digital Director at Tate, where she is responsible for the organisation’s digital strategy, and for advancing Tates mission to promote the publics understanding and enjoyment of art.

Previously at Film4, Channel 4 and the BBC, Hilary has delivered multiplatform projects for high profile public media and cultural organisations. These include large-scale cross-platform work for flagship drama series, a twice BAFTA nominated immersive experience and innovative interactive projects for live youth music radio.

Hilary is passionate about the power of storytelling in creating culture, and for the need to tell stories which include all of our communities in order to create a more compassionate and inclusive society.

She has crafted her career around using digital tools and technologies to share stories – from theatre, music and television to the lives and works of visual artists. As a leader she is interested in the future of cultural experiences, the role of digital tools in connecting people, places, stories and objects, and the power of creative processes to change people, communities and organisations.