Grief Floats (2021)

Grief Floats is an honouring and witnessing of all that we have to grieve, living in this moment together.

The work asks us to not look away, to not ignore the human rights violations taking place daily, to not ignore the destruction of our planet, to not forget the names of those we have lost.
Instead it offers a moment to remember them, to remember our ancestral ways of healing through being with the ocean, through moving and being together.
Set in the North Sea, Grief Floats will be Company of Others’ first outdoor work premiering Summer 2021.

‘They looked like they were returning to the sea’
R&D audience member, October 2020

Grief Floats is funded through Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants and Newcastle Cultural Investment Fund, with additional in kind support from Dance City, Outdoor Arts UK and Tynemouth Surf School.
We are currently seeking additional partnerships, support and funds for the work, if you would like to discuss working with us, please contact Artistic Director Nadia Iftkhar