Yuvel Soria

Yuvel Soria based in South Tyneside (b. Bolivia) is as a diasporic artist; heritage, (dual)nationality, locality, ethnicity, belonging, intersectionality and culture are central elements to his artistic enquiry. Traditional Bolivian dance, Latin and contemporary dance are core elements in his artistic vocabulary, and he has a multidisciplinary approach to his creative process and collaborative projects and he is developing a diverse practice, which straddles live art and performance.

Yuvel is interested in creating interactive and immersive work, which is accessible through different sensory layers, to create landscapes for others to encounter, share and create, enabling an open space for audience members to participate and experience.

He also works delivering inclusive dance/movement sessions to children with complex needs and people in late-adulthood this work has challenged even further his perception of dance or what dance looks like looking for alternative ways of experiencing/participating in dance challenging perceptions of age and ability, using different art forms as well as dance.

Yuvel feels grateful and humbled for the opportunity join Company of Others’ Grief Floats project.


Image: Grief Floats rehearsals captured by Luke Waddington