Lerato Bongeka Mncube

Lerato Bongeka Mncube is a multiskilled, all round Performer and Artist working in Dance and Circus. Mostly known for their hypnotic Waist and Booty Bouncing dance skills. Lerato is also the founder and face behind Jus’ Afro, formally known as Soca-to-Me.

Lerato recently started to revisit developing their acting skills, taking part in NORTHTraining programmes as well as volunteering as Youth Worker assistant at The Arches Project as they develop her DJing Skills. Lerato feels passionately about celebrating Black Arts Culture and draws in from their own experiences to inspire their artistry heavily inspired by their South African cultural heritage and all round love for the Black diaspora.



Image: Grief Floats rehearsals captured by Laurelle Kamara