As an organisation we are funded on a project basis, sometimes that funding only lasts for a 10 week cycle which can leave us in a position of not being able to plan long term, innovative projects.

We are in need of long term support and we want to do that by creating real relationships and sense of community with the people who fund us by using Patreon. Patreon is a platform which individuals can use to financially support work that they think is important and has a positive impact. You can be a Patron who donates anything between £1 – £100 per month, which is collected via direct debit. In return for your support you will receive bespoke insight and rewards from us depending on which tier you choose to subscribe to.

We believe that dance does have the power to improve our world and bring us all closer together, but we also know that takes time.

Improving the equality of access to dance in the North East takes time.

Changing the diversity of who we see on our stages takes time.

We are in this for the long haul and are completely committed but our dreams are limited. 
Regular income gives us the stability we need to guarantee our work with young people in areas such as Walker, to think of new ways to work with women across the North and to create more exciting performance opportunities for Company of Others Ensemble.

Please consider joining our community of others and supporting our work, and if you made it this far – thanks for sticking with it and reading until the end!

Our Patreon page can be found here: BECOME A PATRON


Anita Clark
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Andrew Hurst
Annie Rigby
Carrie Wilson
Chantal Herbert
George Tulip
Hilary Knight
James Froment
Joe Hufton
Karen Parry
Lauren Mawn
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Suzanne Hendey

Image: Jenna Anne Nathan performing in Crackle. Dust. captured by Alicia Clarke