“My appreciation of the artistic, has, in all it’s forms, suddenly opened up to me out of nowhere. I feel happy, more purposeful, definitely healthier and fitter.”
George, Company of Others Ensemble Performer, 2016.

“A moving and powerful performance, it’s a privilege to share their stories.”
Audience Member, The Sense of an Ending 2014.

“Our residents really look forward to Nadia’s movement sessions, their whole being comes alive in her classes. Since Nadia has been working with our residents they have become more interactive with one another and there has been a marked improvement in their core stability and flexibility. Nadia is very patient and takes time to get to know our residents individually, they are very fond of her.”
Patricia Thorp LLB (Hons), Activity Manager, Cramlington House 2016.

Beautiful and powerful. Really felt the stories. Was in tears and could not believe an hour had gone by. Brilliant!” 
Audience Member, The Sense of an Ending 2014.

“Nadia encourages us to do things we didn’t think were possible at an age. Warm up exercises have helped with breathing connected to choir and everyday life”
Sylvia, Company of Others Ensemble Performer, 2016.

“When I dance, I free myself.”
Patience, Walker Youth Dance Project Performer, 2017.

'The Sense of an Ending North East' (excerpt) Performed by Kate Jackson at Resolution! 2015 Captured by Chantal Guevara

Image: Kate Jackson in The Sense of an Ending captured by Chantal Guevara