Dora Frankel

A highly experienced performer, choreographer, choreologist, teacher and leader, trained at Rambert School of Ballet and The Benesh Institute of Choreology with additional intensive courses at Lund University, Sweden and Salt Lake City University, Utah. Dora has worked for among others Rambert Dance Company, American Ballet Theatre and extensively in Scandinavia, notably for The Royal Swedish Ballet, Osterbotten’s Regional Theatre, Finland and Angered’s Gymnasium, Gothenburg before forming Dora Frankel Dance in 2004 and reforming as Fertile Ground in 2013.

Knowledgeable and passionate about dance she is an inspired teacher at all skill levels, an imaginative and creative choreographer and excellent facilitator able to bring out the best in dancers and collaborators. She is a skilled and strategic Director with extensive knowledge of the dance sector.

The many years working independently and often abroad have shaped her values and ethos and she bring this knowledge to bear in her current work.